Welcome to MTL AT THE RINK, a fresh new site containing tons of stories, blogs, pictures and videos all pertaining to the best sport in the world, hockey.

Created in September 2016 by David S. Landsman, the site will have a little something for every avid hockey fan, whether it be an opinion piece, a profile Q&A session, a review, you will certainly find a ton of interesting fun of hockey journalism sure to keep you wanting to read more every day.

There will be a handful of articles written every week, some about the Montreal hockey scene, but also a lot of what else is going on in the leagues. You will also find the links to the YouTube channel of the same name, which will have three videos a week; one quick preview of the week ahead, a session in the streets and pubs of Montreal and finally a large panel discussion where we review everything that happened in the week prior.

And also, for those trivia fans, every week there will be a trivia of 10 questions with the winners with the most correct answers eligible for a weekly prize.

Last, but not least, everybody is entitled to their own opinions. Your comments and suggestions and love and ongoing support is always the most welcome, as we would like to grow to become one of the better hockey websites out there.